L1F Blog Post

A Letter from Domo

Creator of the BRC20 Protocol and President of the Layer 1 Foundation
5 min Min ReadMar 7, 2024

Dear Community,

It has been an incredible year since launching my 'worthless' experiment and its success is entirely due to the community's dedication to embracing Bitcoin's fair, open, and experimental ethos. I am immensely grateful for this support.

As we move forward, the potential of the Bitcoin metaprotocol space is more exciting than ever. L1F is positioned as a leading hub, catering to both experienced protocol creators and new users. Our collective goal is to ensure that L1F meets the needs of users and developers regardless of their stage in the metaprotocol journey.

We hope to support metaprotocol development through sharing tools, standards, and educational resources—as well as by advocating for fair and decentralized governance of these technologies wherever possible and appropriate.

To ensure effective progress in this direction, governance of BRC20 will transition to a maintainership model, spearheaded by Best in Slot and Unisat, and guided by a diverse committee of stakeholders—including myself, Hiro, Oyl Dynamics, ALEX Labs, and UTXO Management.

To learn more about how we are committing to a more decentralized and ethos-driven governance model for BRC20, feel free to read our Governance Resolution and Standard Operating Procedures for future BRC20 protocol development.

With these guidelines in place, we hope to unlock the full potential of an account model on Bitcoin and spur innovation on Bitcoin and beyond. I believe we have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

Thank you!


Governance Resolution

  • The Layer 1 Foundation and its partners recognize the critical importance of fostering a collaborative approach in the ongoing development and maintenance of the BRC20 protocol.

  • To achieve this, the Layer 1 Foundation and its partners put forth the following resolution as an outline of key principles we aim to pursue as collective maintainers of this technology.


Standards Of Procedure

  • BRC20 Protocol Maintenance: Standard Operating Procedure

  • To establish clear and effective operational structures within BRC-20 by distinctly assigning roles and responsibilities, ensuring smooth collaboration and decision-making processes.